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Auto Glass Safety

If you think that auto glass is just like any other piece of glass, the video below can change your mind in less than 5 minutes.

Credit given to ABC and 20/20 for the video (hosted on YouTube)


As the video explains, not all auto glass is the same. It's important when you are getting auto glass quotes from shops in the area that you ask if the shop is using OEM or OEE products and materials. At Anthony's, we understand that you can't put a price on safety and ensure that all adhesives and glass used in our installs will meet or exceed the OEM specifications.

Selecting A Shop

So, how do you go about finding a shop to install your auto glass? How can you know if the person installing the glass is actually qualified to do so? The first thing would be to ask the shop if they use OEM products. Each manufacturer uses different shapes and sizes of glass for their vehicles and each may require specific types of urethane to adhere the glass to the vehicle. Find out what kinds of materials they use in their replacements before scheduling work. Another sign of a dependable and qualified shop is to ask if their installers have any industry certifications. There are a number of safety classes available that teach installers the correct way to install a windshield to ensure passenger safety. If you're unsure, you can always trust the experts at Anthony's. Our installers have the credentials and experience to ensure your glass is installed properly and that you and your passengers will stay safe.