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Glass Tabletops

Replace your broken glass tabletop or protect your furniture with glass tabletop protection.

Glass Table

Glass tables are fairly common in homes today, but what happens when the glass breaks? At Anthony's we can replace your broken glass tabletop with a new piece of glass that's cut to fit perfectly. Whether your tabletop is for patio furniture or for a dining room table, our glass fabricators can come to you and measure, or you can bring in the tabletop frame and we'll cut a piece of safety glass that will look great and not cost you an arm and a leg.

Tabletop Protection

Want to protect your wood furniture from scratches and gouges? Consider glass tabletop protection.

Glass Protector Table Top

Family heirlooms and antique furniture can be impossible to replace. Our glass tabletop protectors are a perfect solution to keep your furniture protected from miscellaneous damage. The protection comes from cutting a thin piece of glass to sit atop of the furniture which will still show off its beauty, yet prevent any potential damage.

We can cut glass any shape or size and can come to you for measurements to ensure you'll have a perfect fit. For more information, please contact us here or give us a call at (609) 600-0359.